How many people are buying your food and drinks? How much do they spend? Track this information in real time if you connect your machine to the Internet of Things.

This is what your
vending machine
looks like in the cloud

With us, you not only get the usability and efficiency of your machines, you can even go one step further and connect them to your network. Thus you gain insight in your food & beverage statistics, revenue, the machines cleansing signals.

And this is what happens when you connect your machine to the IoT.

-> You boost efficiency and profits because you get real-time insights of what is consumed. An IoT-connected machine shows you how much food and beverages are being sold, at what time they’re being purchased, and what products sell best in which area. This way you can better anticipate how much products you need to keep in stock.  

-> An IoT-connected machine monitors itself. So the machine needs to be cleaned, refilled and repaired, it notifies you.

-> You see what payment methods customers are using and can adapt product prices in real time.

Cash or Cashless

Cash money is not always the preferred method of payment.

Cashless becomes the preferred method of payment, but this brings extra technological challenges, as the variety of systems is enormous, hence forcing vending operators and retailers being able to integrate this into their vending solutions and their administrative systems.

Better business

Connecting your vending & coffee machine to the internet is not visionary thinking anymore.

Gain access to every of your venues’ machines: find out which drinks sell best in what areas, how often your staff is cleaning the machine and how robust your machine is operating day-in-day-out. And once we’ve connected your machines we can increase your revenue via mobile marketing programmes.


Management information can be crucial for a healthy and profitable (sales) organization.

Multiple locations, machines, remote teams, different operating cultures. In our online platform every transaction, error, maintenance “needs” is present and available for analysis. With our online dashboard you have real time information (not only data but useful information)

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