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Meet us at the UNITI Expo, 17 - 19 May 2022 | Stuttgart, Germany

Meet us at the UNITI Expo, 17 – 19 May 2022 | Stuttgart, Germany

Connected Molecules will be present at the UNITI Expo, Europe’s leading retail petroleum and car wash trade fair. Please contact sales@connectedmolecules.com for making an appointment during the exhibition. We look forward to meeting you there!

In the online world, things move lightning fast. For bits are weightless, and can travel around the globe in milliseconds.
Since 2012 we add smart bits to existing machines, convert the many different machine languages to web-standards.

We’re Connected Molecules, a technology provider that believes in the power of connectivity and convenient control. As the world is changing, constantly and digitization is part of everything. It brings connectivity and convenience. We think that connectivity will make companies more successful and – in the end – will make our lives better. We serve on-the-go shops with convenient control over their self-service machinery. It’s our goal to unlock the potential of smartly connected self-service machines. For the benefit of companies as well as their customers.

How? By connecting the machinery to the business. On-the-go shops use an ever-increasing fleet of self-service machinery. Driving different kinds of self-service machines is difficult and sensitive to errors. By getting insight and control over the machines they can become an agile part of the business. This unlocks major opportunities, both commercial and operational, for the benefit of consumers as well as companies.

Connected Molecules, does not only develop the physical hardware, but also the connected web services we develop ourselves. Traditional devices can be made available for (multi-) payment solutions, secondary benefits, remote management and alerts, and personalized offers. That’s why we developed our own Houdini gateway. This gateway is able to connect to various machines and remain as generic as possible. Fallback mechanisms and even better instant communication with, among other things, mesh technology should make it possible to have multiple devices operate in a harmonized manner.

Would you like to have more control over your machines and over your business? Talk with us. So your machines can talk with you shortly.

Retail Tech Insights selected Connected Molecules as Top Retail Tech Startup Solution Provider in Europe!

Retail Tech Insights selected Connected Molecules as Top Retail Tech Startup Solution Provider in Europe!
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