FCA & FCC Declaration Russian governmental authorities

Russian governmental authorities and custom union of governments: Russia, Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan;

Connected Molecules Gateway (version 3 and higher) are approved under the laws and regulations including the customs regulations for encrypted devices.

With this approval we are able to serve many more countries and is an extra statement regarding how we handle privacy and security.

The Connected Molecules Gateway is designed to connect vending machines to the internet and make them a lot smarter!
With a smart internet connection the machines are connected and manageable with back-office systems.

We understand and endorse and importance of security. Security not limited to online (Internet and VPN), local (Servers, Users, Service Stations) and privacy therefore we also are open for new and extra procedures to meet the customer needs for a smooth and secure integration.

Please feel free to ask about you specific needs.