the vending

Bits are lightning-fast, omni-present, and we’ll web-connect them.

Every customer has his own specific processes and systems. So we offer a set of hardware and software building blocks that fit as a glove. You are unique, and we support you in that.


Hardware, we can not do without it. But don’t move molecules if you can move bits! Our goal is always to sell as little hardware as possible. We will not force our customers to buy complete new machines, but rather add our gateway retrofit and have the software do the rest. 

Revenue vs cost

Our revenue is our customer’s cost, and so we create an opposite interest. And so we’ll challenge you to align our interests by working on revenue share. So if we do well, you share in our success and vice-versa! That greatly helps us working wíth our customers! 

Brands we connect
Our clients

Our goal is to liberate bits from their existing solitary environments like printers, scales, vending machines, payment terminals, parking booms, doors, pumps and what have we. Once we have pulled the bits into a web environment, we can start to add value to them.


Steamline your revenue
and lower your cost

With your existing machine park


Our vision

In the online world, things move lightning fast.
For bits are weightless, and can travel around the globe in milliseconds.
We add smart bits to existing machines,
convert the many different machine languages to web-standards.

Reporting is mostly looking back at old data,
we now move via real time information,
to a era of predictive behaviour.

Our mission

We envisage to help our customers with
ultimately better results.
Happier customers and employees and better financial results.
For these are the main goals of any commercial organisation.
Everything we do is aimed at just that!
And we practise what we preach, 24/7.

We will be launching new solutions

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