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Feel free to challenge us with your existing machine park
Type of services

We adjust our hardware, sensors, software to the *existing* installed base of machines.


we take care on the entire data chain; adding extra data streams and connecting to existing systems.

Many bits

We always aim to involve as little hardware as possible, saving our customers Capex and service costs.

Pre-transaction services
Social media

We connect to and partner with a range of social media platforms, service providers and consultants to connect you to the best possible on-line marketing tools available.

Pre-transaction services

Whether you have your own loyalty system, a third party solution or our white label system,  Our cloud connection to your vending machine seamlessly interacts with most loyalty systems to optimize your sales and flexibility.

Pre-transaction services
Weather data

Our addon modules, ensure we add relevant data on for instance the local weather, so you know.

Pre-transaction services
Traffic data

Connection to live traffic data will give you the possibility to proactively respond to occurrences on the road. This might be anything from a traffic dependent change of prices or a local social media promotion in a traffic jam.

Transactions services.

Coin mechanisms; a device that processes cash money, and informs the vending machine, it has received x amount of cash, so the vending machine can deliver / produce the desired product.

Cards (terminal)

Cards (acpuiring)

App’s (Acquiring)


Transactions services.



Service management

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