Complete payment & telemetry solutions for self-service machines in retail on-the-go

IoT gateway for machines in retail

Connect your machine to our CoMo gateway

  • 50+ machines supported: Coffee Machines, Turnstiles, Car/Jet Wash & more
  • Retrofit compatible (even 21 year old machines)
  • Machine brands we support:
    Supported machine brands: Franke, WMF, LaCimbali, Christ & more
Payment station for machines in retail (Cash, bank card and code payments)

Add future-proof payment methods

CoMo Paystation aesthetically matching your machine’s housing, supports most popular payment methods compatible with any national standard.
Have your own peripheral suppliers? No problem, bring your own!

  • Cash payments
  • Card payments (credit, debit, etc)
  • Code payments (vouchers & payment apps)
  • Loyalty systems
IoT platform machine management & reporting

Operate your machines remotely

Manage & operate your machines in our Alchemy portal

  • Real-time performance of all machines
  • Change machine assortment prices
CoMo IoT instant notifications

Get reports & instant notifications

  • Instant alerts on machine behaviour (e.g. empty milk, no transactions, etc)
  • Revenue reports (by products, locations, time of day & more)
  • Transaction reports
  • Shifts & other custom reports
  • Advanced user & permission access management

Benefits of connected machines

Save costs on operations

  • Remote management
  • Less time on-site
  • Better reports
  • Easier financial reconciliation

Increase revenue

  • No unpaid products
  • The right payment mix
  • Pay on the go
  • Real time price differentiation

Increase customer satisfaction

  • Convenience
  • Discount vouchers
  • Loyalty integration

Our customers

Made in the Netherlands. Operated in 35+ countries.


Customers of Connected MoleculesCustomers of Connected Molecules

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